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SOAWR Members Celebrate Uganda’s Announcement of Upcoming Ratification

SOAWR members, in a lobbying mission in Uganda, celebrate after the announcement of the upcoming ratification of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa.
Here are the words of one of the them :
We are in Kampala lobbying the government to ratify the Protocol, in support of efforts by Akina Mama wa Afrika and the local coalition on African Women’s Rights. We had very good meeting this morning with three ministries (Justice, Gender and Foreign Affairs) facilitated by the
National APRM Council, which last urged the government to ratify the Protocol.

The government has initiated the ratification process and we expect their instrument to be deposited in the next two to three weeks (definitely before July summit) alas with some reservations on article 14. We won the first battle and hope to win the next (removal of reservations and domestication).

Congratulations to Akina Mama wa Afrika and the local coalition for all the hard work done to make this happen. See photo regarding SOAWR members’ celebration after the conclusion of the meeting.  We now need to focus on Kenya.

Best, Faiza”