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SOAWR Steering Committee Meeting – Key Commitments

From the 22nd-24th of November 2022, SOAWR’s Steering Committee members met in Mombasa, Kenya, to take stock of the SOAWR Strategic Plan (2019-2024) and its implementation.  Following dynamic reflections on how far the Coalition has come since its inception almost 20 years ago and how they would like to see it grow further, the members made individual commitments to support these endeavours.

Bunmi, Anglophone West African Cluster Convenor
I commit to partner with other members in the sub-region to advocate for the domestication, implementation and reporting on the Maputo Protocol. I commit to undertake initiatives for domestication and capacity strengthening for the popularisation of the Maputo Protocol.
Carole, Eastern African Cluster Convenor
I commit to participate fully, to seek and provide information for collaboration on the Maputo Protocol and to convene a cluster meeting in January-March.
Esperance, Central African Cluster Convenor
I commit to take ownership of the SOAWR strategic plan, to strengthen the synergies by bringing a lot of member organisations to adherence and to carry the voice of SOAWR to donors and members.
Esther, Equality Now
I commit to more, timely and effectively follow up and engagements with SOAWR members and especially the Cluster Convenors.
Faiza, Equality Now
I commit to continuing to contribute to build a strong Coalition.
Hannah, Regional Cluster Member
I commit to contribute towards the consolidation of the work of SOAWR and to facilitate capacity building of members on the Maputo Protocol.
Laureen, Eastern African Cluster Convenor
I commit to popularising the Protocol in different forums. I commit to supporting lobby and advocacy actions in my region where possible.
Memory, Regional Cluster Member
I commit to show up and dedicate time for SOAWR and integrate it into my organisation/network goals as well as train more on the Multi-Sectoral Approach on the Protocol.
Medoune, Francophone West African Cluster Convenor
I commit to revitalise Francophone West African member organisations, conduct periodic meetings to boost their commitments and encourage alliances.
Rainatou, Communications Secretariat
I commit to implementing our Communications Strategy to support the Coalition.
Samia, North African Cluster Convenor
I commit to strengthen the Coalition, enhance its cohesion and improve communication.
Seyi, Southern African Cluster Covenor
I commit to better commitment to SOAWR activities and the popularisation of SOAWR’s work.