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South Sudan has Ratified the Maputo Protocol!

Wednesday, 7th June 2023

Today, the Honourable Minister of Gender Child and Social Welfare of South Sudan announced that they had completed the ratification process of the Maputo Protocol by depositing the instrument to the African Union. The SOAWR Coalition congratulates South Sudan and the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity on this momentous achievement just one month in advance of the 20th Anniversary of the Maputo Protocol.

Source: Twitter

The SOAWR Coalition would also like to commend the determined and diligent efforts of our member organisations who have been working tirelessly towards this milestone. You can read more about these members here.

As of the 7th June 2023, 44 AU Member States have ratified the Protocol and there are now only 11 AU Member States who are yet to ratify: Botswana, Burundi, Central African Rep., Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Somalia and Sudan. The SOAWR Coalition is calling on these Member States to ratify the African women’s rights treaty by the end of this 20th year to enshrine and better ensure African women’s and girls’ rights.

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