Protocol watch


Eswatini ratified the Maputo Protocol October 15th, 2012 and signed on December 7th, 2004.


  • Eswatini signed the amended SADC Gender and Development Protocol, which includes provisions to align countries’ among other things, with UNSCR1325[1]


  • Election of Women Act: meant to realize women’s constitutional right to proper representation in the House of assembly by enforcing quotas[2]
  • Launch of the Ending Child Marriage Campaign in Lesotho, backed by Princess Senate of Lesotho[3]


  • National Development Plan 2019-2022 sets out to increase % of funds allocated to Gender and Family issues programs from 0.0.14% of the National Budget to 10% of the Budget[4]
  • High Court rules marital power to be unconstitutional and strikes down Sections 24-25 of The Marriage Act No. 47/1964.16[5]


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