Protocol watch


Libya signed the Maputo Protocol in November, 2003 and ratified in May, 2004. 

  • 2012 Law for the Election ofthe General National Congress Article 15: “must be arranged on the basis of alternation among male and female candidates. Lists that do not respect such principle shall not be accepted.”
  • 2015: the parties to the conflict signed the Libyan political agreement. Some clauses of the agreement dealt with the status of women: principle 2 stipulates that the National Accord Government will adopt the principle of equitable representation of women. Principle 8 stipulates the principle of equality between Libyans in the enjoyment of civil and political rights and equal opportunities, and the refusal to distinguish between them.
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs of the Government of National Accord dealt with the United Nations Support Mission, to benefit from the technical support provided in the areas of reproductive health and health care for women and girls by holding joint programs and training workshops to reach all regions, and providing health-related needs.
  • 2017 agreement with the United Nations Population Fund in the area of health and social support and empowerment of women.
  • Resolution No. 119 of 2014 on the treatment of victims of sexual violence: civil and criminal protection for victims.