Protocol watch


Somalia did not ratify the Maputo Protocol but signed it on February, 2006. 

  • “The Constitution of Somalia (2012) protects human dignity and equality under Articles 10 and 11 respectively, and, most significantly in relation to FGM, sets out under Article 15(4) that: Circumcision of girls is a cruel and degrading customary practice, and is tantamount totorture. The circumcision of girls is prohibited.”
  • Somalia’s constitution states: Article 24–“Allworkers, particularly women, have a special right of protection from sexual abuse, segregation and discrimination in the work place. Every labour law and practice shall comply with gender equality in the workplace.”
  • The Ministry of National Planning and Development (MoNPD) has developed, for the first time, a five year National Development Plan (2012-2016), which includes the need to: mainstream women’s empowerment in all sectors of development; and promote women’s equal access to participation and decision making in social, economic and political life of the nation.
  • A National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS for 2015 to 2019 has been developed costed at approximately USD 57 million and was used to access USD 22 million from the GFATM.