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Article 5(b): Elimination of FGM (with NAFGEM Tanzania)

Welcome to All Things Maputo Protocol – a podcast by the SOAWR Coalition. Join us in the second episode of our first series for the month of March, as we explore the International Women’s Day theme of ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ and various articles of the Maputo Protocol. New episodes coming weekly!


Article 5(b) of the Maputo Protocol: 

States Parties shall prohibit and condemn all forms of harmful practices which negatively affect the human rights of women and which are contrary to recognised international standards. States Parties shall take all necessary legislative and other measures to eliminate such practices, including:

b) prohibition, through legislative measures backed by sanctions, of all forms of female genital mutilation, scarification, medicalisation and para-medicalisation of female genital mutilation and all other practices in order to eradicate them;

A big thanks to Francis Selasini of NAFGEM Tanzania for joining us in this episode.

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