country: Libya

Kadirat holds a Regional Conference on the Maputo Protocol

On November 27-29, 2021, our Tunisian member organisation, Kadirat, held a regional conference and lobbying and advocacy workshops with women’s rights representatives from other North African countries of Algeria, Libya and Morocco. Reporting from the Tunis Afrique Presse:  “The organisation KADIRAT, on Saturday, launched a guide to urge the Tunisian government to keep its legislation in harmony with the provisions of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa “Maputo” ratified by Tunisia under organic law No. 33 of 2018 dated 6 June 2018. The guide was presented at a

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Libya signed the Maputo Protocol in November, 2003 and ratified in May, 2004.    2012 Law for the Election ofthe General National Congress Article 15: “must be arranged on the basis of alternation among male and female candidates. Lists that do not respect such principle shall not be accepted.” 2015: the parties to the conflict signed the Libyan political agreement. Some clauses of the agreement dealt with the status of women: principle 2 stipulates that the National Accord Government will adopt the principle of equitable representation of women. Principle 8 stipulates the principle of equality between Libyans in the enjoyment

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