country: Nigeria

Alliances for Africa (AfA)

AfA is an international African led non-governmental human right, peace and sustainable development organization. AfA works with partners in, around and beyond the continent of Africa. AfA was created to enhance and reconstruct the interface human right and development, with a vision to contributing innovatively to the task of tackling causes of endemic poverty and exclusion in Africa. AfA works with partners in, around and beyond the continent of Africa to advocate for the protection of human rights; promote women’s participation in leadership and governance; build institutional capacity, advocate for gender justice, equality and non-discrimination, as well as promoting peace, security and conflict resolution interventions.

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Nigeria signed the Maputo Protocol in December, 2003 and ratified it on December, 2004.  31 May 2018: President “signed into law a bill amending the 1999 Constitution. “implementation of which will lower the minnimum age requirements for competing for and holding key elected offices both at federal and state levels [….]. This enables the emergence of more young women as aspirants to public office and as party candidates in the 2019 general election”. 2013 (2006): National Gender Policy was approved and then revised in 2013. Since the country has ratified 9 out of the 13 major global human rights frameworks, e.g. The

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