issue: Right to a healthy and sustainable environment

International Women’s Day: Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow & Article 18 of the Maputo Protocol

March 8th, 2022. To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day and the UN Women theme, ‘Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow‘, the SOAWR Coalition is proud to highlight Article 18 of the Maputo Protocol: Right to a Healthy and Sustainable Environment. Why is it important to have these specific rights legally bound across the continent?  An excerpt from Joanita Babirye‘s article ‘Saving the Planet means Defying Patriarchy: Strive for Inclusive Climate Solutions‘ (via AfricanFeminism) provides a poignant answer,  “Women and men experience climate change differently due to socio-cultural structures that have been built over time in largely patriarchal societies. Men’s access

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The NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO GCN) is a network that exists to promote gender equality and equity in Malawi through co-ordination, lobbying, advocacy, information sharing and capacity building of its members. Its thematic areas are: Women in Politics & Decision Making, Gender Related Laws, GBV, Child Rights and Agriculture & Economic Empowerment for Women.

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