Protocol watch


Gambia signed the Maputo Protocol in September, 2003 and ratified in May, 2005. 

  • Access to justice and equal protection before the law for women and girls have been guaranteed under section 7 of the Women’s Act 2010 provides that every woman is entitled to equality and justice before the law and to equal protection of the law. Section 15 of the Women’s Act 2010, deals with temporary special measures.
  •  The Gambia National Gender and Women Empowerment Policy 2010-2020: 
    1) Capacity Building for Gender Mainstreaming
    2) Poverty Reduction, Economic Empowerment & Livelihoods Development
    3) Gender and Education
    4) Gender and Health and HIV/AIDS
    5) Gender Human Rights
    6) Gender and Governance : Objective 1 To increase and improve women’s participation in politics and decision-making positions at all levels; Objective 2 To promote good governance and understanding among men, women, boys and girls on their roles and responsibilities as citizens p23
    7) Gender and the Environment
    8) Women’s Empowerment