Protocol watch


Guinea signed the Maputo Protocol in December, 2003 and ratified it in April, 2012. 

  • 2017: National Gender Policy review Gender Strategy of Public Administration; Adoption of Law L028 on the general status of civil servants which provides for equal opportunities for men and women in public employment; Implementation of the Project to rejuvenate and feminize the Guinean administration.

  • 2019: Parity law on elections lists, Art 2 (“Parity applies to any list of candidates for national and local elections, as well as for the holding of elective offices in public institutions”)

  • 2020: New Constitution Art 9 “The Republic affirms that parity between men and women is an objective political and social. The Government and the assemblies of the organs deliberators cannot be composed of the same type of
    two-thirds of the members.”