Protocol watch


Kenya signed the Maputo Protocol in December, 2003 and ratified in October, 2010. 

  • The Government has also introduced the 30% affirmative action policy for women, youth and persons with disabilities in public procurement. Under this provision, women, youth and persons with disability are given preference for 30% of public procurement tenders thus accelerating achievement of MDG 3 by facilitating ease inaccessing previously male monopolized economic activity space.
  • Under the Constitution of Kenya 2010 the Government is implementing the affirmative action principle unemployment in the Public Sector-where not more than 2/3 of appointive positions should be of the same gender. This has resulted in more women occupying management positions as demonstrated in the section on Womenin Power and Decision Making
  • The adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 to ensure women’s participation in the peace and reconciliation process. This resulted in the involvement of women in the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation process. Africa has made progressive and significant normative strides with regards to the WPS agenda, at continental and regional levels. In an effort to promote the WPS agenda, various sub-regional organisations and national government shave created dedicated action plans to implement UNSCR-1325 and related resolutions although the extent to which these NAP’s are adopted varies widely across the regions. As of October 2019, 24 AU member states had adopted a NAP.