Protocol watch


Liberia signed the Maputo Protocol in December, 2003 and ratified it in December, 2007. 

  • 2015: Decent Work Act which commits to decent work. The Act aclso “ensures that women and men are equal before the law in terms of employment and the increase of minimum wage is not discriminatory across gender”.
  • 2016: Equal Representation and Participation Act: “The 1986 Elections Law was amended in September 2014, so as to include gender quotas. Notably, Section 4.5 provides that “[1c] A list of candidates submitted to the Commission for an election should endeavour no less than 30% of the candidates on the list from each gender”.
  • 2016: Domestic Violence Bill was introduced to the House of Representatives, it has been passed by the Lower House, and is currently awaiting concurrence from the upper House (the Senate). If passed into law, this Act would criminalize acts of violence, including physical, sexual, economic, emotional and psychological abuse; spousal violence between husbands and wives; and violence between other forms of intimate partners. 
  • 2017: Creation of the Gender and Security Sector National Taskforce Sustainability Framework (GSSNTSF). The framework aims to create a security sector which is gender-responsive. “The taskforce is chaired by the Ministry of Justice and co-chaired by the Ministries of National Defense and Gender, Children and Social Protection.
  • 2018: Land Act further strengthens and protects women’s land rights and “enables women to participate in local land management opportunities”. It also provides greater equality within spouses.