Protocol watch


Togo signed the Maputo Protocol in December, 2003 and ratified it in Ocotber, 2005. 

  • 2012: The Persons and Family Code allows for wives, daughters and sons to have equal inheritance rights but still allows for the application of customary law which can be discriminatory against women.
  • The National Policy on Equity and Gender Equality of 2011 was updated in 2019. The policy aims to “make Togo an emerging country, without discrimination, where men and women will have the same opportunities to participate in its development and enjoy the benefits of its growth “.
  • 2015: Action plan for resolution 1325 on the protection of women in armed conflict. The National Plan of Action for the Involvement of Women in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding: Strategies for the Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820 has a duration of five years from its validation. However, an evaluation is envisaged mid-term (after two years), another to take place in the 5th year with a retrospective, evaluative and critical look at the progress made. The overall objective of the plan is to increase the participation of women at all levels of decision-making, especially in conflict prevention, management and resolution and peacebuilding.