Founded in 1992, the Center for Reproductive Rights is the recognized global leader in using legal and human rights strategies to secure every woman’s reproductive autonomy and access to healthcare as fundamental human rights. The Center for Reproductive Rights believes that a woman’s ability to exercise her human rights, as well as her equality and status in society, are directly linked to her enjoyment of reproductive rights—without the ability to make decisions about her health and life, a woman cannot enjoy her right to participate in educational institutions, the workplace, or the political sphere. Unique among reproductive health advocates, their work is premised on the notion that the strategic use of litigation and legal advocacy based on international and regional human rights treaties plays a paramount role in dismantling legal barriers and enforcing reproductive rights protections at the national level. To that end, they work to build human rights standards in the UN and regional human rights systems in conjunction with strengthening national-level laws and policies in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the United States through regional programs that are anchored by offices in Kenya, Nepal, Colombia, Geneva, New York, and Washington, DC.