HelpAge International

HelpAge International is the secretariat to a global network of more than 170 organisations across 91 countries working to promote the right of all older people to lead dignified, healthy, and secure lives.

HelpAge supports millions of older people to live safe, dignified, and healthy lives. Through our partnership and collaborations, we work to ensure the inclusion of older people across society and strive to deliver a just and fair world for everyone, whatever their age. Our work is driven by our desire to deliver real impact for older people, to be inclusive, to work in partnership and to learn from our shared experience. HelpAge’s work covers four areas  Income Security, Healthy Ageing,  Inclusive Humanitarian Action and a Society for All Ages.

We reach out to help and empower older people across Africa through local network members. We help older people to have secure income by advocating for pensions and providing livelihoods support, and to have access to the health services they need.

HelpAge network members and country offices in Africa are based in the following countries:

Burkina Faso | Cameroon | Democratic Republic of Congo Ethiopia | Gambia | Ghana | Kenya | Lesotho | Liberia | Malawi | 
Mauritius | Mozambique | Nigeria | Rwanda | Sierra Leone | Somalia |
South Africa | South Sudan | Sudan | Tanzania | Togo | Uganda | Zambia

Tel: +254 715 458 962