WOLPNET is an Non-Governmental, Non for profit and advocacy organisation for rights of teenaged mothers, women and children especially those in difficult situations orphans, refugees, the rights of self-empowerment, social service, security, freedom from domestic, gender, sexual, political and any form of violence including war. WOLPNET is concerned with right to peaceful co-existence and the right to peace, advocating for and promoting peaceful conflict resolution, protection of the rights of refugee women, youth and children, provision for health education and basic social services. Recognising that is not only the absence of war but freedom from various forms of vices that breed economic, political and socio cultural injustices violence including gender violence the Women of Liberia Peace Network sees the removal of conditions that impede on development such as war, inequality, suppression, ignorance, poor health care, deprivation, repression, hunger and strife as a precondition for genuine peace. The organisation was founded in Ghana in June 2003 when Liberia was once again experiencing one of the worst civil war.