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Joint Statement on the Occasion of the Pan-African Women’s Day

This 31st of July 2023 marks the Pan-African Women’s Day, a celebration and an ode to the Foremothers of the Continent as well as the beautiful women of Africa, who work tirelessly to improve their own lives and the lives of others. The day marks 61 years since the formation of the African Union’s first ever women’s collective on the Continent- the Pan-African Women’s Organisation (PAWO), and comes at a time when we are still celebrating 20 years since the adoption of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa

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Progrès dans la ratification et l’intégration du protocole de Maputo : 2003-2023

For the English version, go here.  La Coalition SOAWR, Equality Now et le Centre mondial d’analyse des politiques (WORLD) présentent des données intéressantes sous forme de cartes chronologiques démontrant les progrès de la ratification et de la domestication du Protocole de Maputo au cours des deux dernières décennies. Table des matières Ratification du Protocole de Maputo: juillet 2003 – juillet 2023 2003 2009 2015 2023 2003 2009 2015 2023 En savoir plus sur l’état de la ratification pour chaque État membre de l’UA Droit constitutionnel à l’égalité des sexes Les constitutions reflètent le caractère social et politique des nations et

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Progress in Ratifying & Domesticating the Maputo Protocol: 2003-2023

The SOAWR Coalition, Equality Now and the WORLD Policy Analysis Center (WORLD) present insightful data via map timelines demonstrating the progress in the ratification and domestication of the Maputo Protocol over the last two decades. Table of Contents Ratification of the Maputo Protocol July 2003 – July 2023 2003 2009 2015 2023 2003 2009 2015 2023 Find out more about the status of ratification for each AU Member State Constitutional right to gender equality Constitutions reflect the social and political character of nations and frame their legal and political systems. Constitutional guarantees can be used to demand greater equity in

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